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            HAN Zhigang

            Co-President of H3C

            Shaping the Smart Future with 5G Converged Scenarios

            • The Success of 5G Service Lies in its Applications in Different Industries
            • Carrier's 5G is What Controls the Industrial Digital Brain
            • Key Issues of 5G Converged Scenarios

            11:50 - 12:05, June 28

            SNIEC, Hall N5 Auditorium B

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            Eric SUN

            President of Digital Business Department and Vice President of H3C

            Digital Brain Promoting Smart City Construction

            • A New Stage of Solutions for Urban Issues
            • Cities in the Future in the Eyes of City Managers
            • New Initiatives to Build Smart Cities in the Future

            12:15 - 12:30, June 27

            SNIEC, Hall N5 Auditorium A

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            BI Shouwen

            President of Networking Product Department and Vice President of H3C

            Internet of Things (IoT) and Road to Digitalization

            • Application of IoT Technology to Fine-level Urban Management
            • The Road toward Urban Digitalization
            • Best Practice of Digitalization

            14:15 - 14:30, June 27

            SNIEC, Hall N5 Auditorium A

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