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            Yu Yingtao, Embracing the Internet of Everything with Rational Attitude and Outstanding IT Capability


            On November 8, Yu Yingtao , Co-President of Tsinghua Unigroup & President & CEO of New H3C Group attended the "Internet of Things: Towards a Connected World" session of the 5th World Internet Conference (WIC) in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province. In his keynote speech, Mr. Yu pointed out that in the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), we should embrace the Internet of Everything with a rational attitude and outstanding IT capability. He also emphasized that it is essential to activate and use the already launched IoT platform to foster a mature IoT market.


            "Internet of Things: Towards a Connected World" session of the 5th WIC

            Treating IoT technology with a rational and pragmatic attitude

            China is seeing a thriving picture in developing IoT. However, according to Gartner report, the IoT technology and sub-markets in China are still immature, and this situation is expected to continue until 2030.

            Mr. Yu analyzed the typical cases in the development of IoT industry firstly. He pointed out that, in the consumer-level business market (To Consumer), while technical IoT solutions are maturing fast, logical IoT business models are more important; in the enterprise-level business market (To Business), while IoT can improve management and operational efficiency, we should not be overeager and use this technology beyond our control, but treat it reasonably.


            Keynote speech by Yu Yingtao, Co-President of Tsinghua Unigroup & President & CEO of New H3C Group

            Facing the current situation and problems in developing IoT, Mr. Yu said that the evolution of application demands drives the transformation of digital technology, to which the demand for "IoT" is very important. However, we must treat it rationally because technology does not mean everything. "Network + platform" is the core infrastructure of IoT. In the world of the Internet of Everything based on connectivity, a complete network deployment is only the first step of the long march. In the digital era, only the application-based digital network can produce value, and the IoT platform, which integrates digital networks, is the carrier of digital applications. It is essential to activate and use the already launched IoT platform to foster a mature IoT market.

            Supporting the Internet of Everything with strong IT capability

            When ushering in the IoT era, enterprises need a strong partner to provide IT support to solve the underlying problems concerning network stability, cloud computing, security, and other issues.

            The IoT era is the fourth era that may change the human history, and ICT solution providers will be an important force propelling the advent and development of such era. Yu Yingtao expressed, "IoT is a new blue ocean market in the global competition today. The new era will face the challenges characterizing new technologies and business models, and IT will be the key to success. As an IT enterprise, we should insist on our own course. We should, while treating the revolutionary IoT technology with a pragmatic attitude, embrace a borderless ecology through trial and error on the premise of the control of unknown risks."

            As "the leader in digital solutions", New H3C integrates the capabilities of Tsinghua Unigroup, with leading industrial advantages in stable networks, public/private cloud services, network security, and technical consultation. New H3C attaches great importance to the construction of IoT platform, and has published the IoT concept of "One Platform All Connection", promoting the platform value to a strategic level and emphasizing the convergence of vertical industry ecology with such platform. As a leading ICT manufacturer, New H3C will fully use the advantages of the platform and the capability of constructing a borderless ecology. It will facilitate the launching of IoT applications to help industries transform physical assets to digital assets, and cooperate with the entire ecosystem to achieve win-win results in the IoT era.