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            H3C MSR3600 ICT Converged Gateway

            H3C MSR3600 ICT Converged Gateway series integrates computing and storage capabilities and offers an open operating architecture. It can fast integrate with third-party customized applications to improve service processing efficiency and reliability at remote sites. The MSR3600 has the following benefits:

            * CT and IT integration—Runs the industry-leading H3C Comware network operating system and integrates computing and storage capabilities to simplify network deployment and lower the total cost of ownership (TCO).

            * Professional x86 hardware virtualization platform—Uses resource pools to manage hardware resources including CPU, memory, storage, and interface to enable flexible and dynamic resource allocation and adjustment based on the actual requirements.

            * Unified AD-EC management platform—Supports unified management of both CT and IT services to improve maintenance efficiency.

            * Service online release—Supports fast online release and deployment of new services through the AD-EC platform at any time without service interruption.

            * Open architecture—Supports standard Windows or Linux for fast service integration. The AD-EC platform also provides open APIs for users to develop new applications and value-added services.

            The MSR3600 ICT Converged Gateway series has two models: MSR3610-I-DP and MSR3610-IE-DP.

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            CT and IT integration

            * Runs H3C's state-of-art Comware network operating system and supports security, switching, wireless, and routing services.

            * Integrates computing and storage capabilities and supports an external drive.

            * Uses a professional hardware virtualization platform to group hardware resources including CPU, memory, storage, and interface in resources pools to enable flexible and dynamic resource allocation and adjustment based on the actual requirements.

            Unified AD-EC management platform

            * Device management and operating status monitoring—Manages versions, configurations, groups, and regions.

            * CT service management—Configures VPN services, monitors operation state, controls bandwidth, and analyzes app statistics.

            * IT services management—Performs computing and storage resource status monitoring, service status management (start, stop, and restart), and new service online release.

            Fast deployment from USB drive

            Supports CT and IT service deployment from a USB drive, making it possible to deploy a large number of MSR3600 gateways in a short time.

            Rich interfaces for network expansion

            * Provides GE copper, GE fiber, RS232, 3G/4G-LTE, and WiFi interfaces.

            * Provides multiple slots for expansion of Zigbee and Bluetooth modules. H3C Zigbee and Bluetooth modules will be available in the future.

            Open architecture

            * Supports the standard Windows, CentOS, Ubuntu, and RedHat operating systems for quick and smooth integration with customized services of third parties.

            * Provides open RESTful APIs on the AD-EC platform for third parties to develop application-layer and value-added services.


            Hardware specifications





            X86, Quad-core, 2.2 GHz

            X86, eight-core, 2.2 GHz

            Forwarding throughput

            9 Mpps

            15 Mpps


            2 × GE combo interfaces

            6 × GE ports

            2 × GE combo interfaces

            6 × GE ports


            4 × SIC slots

            4 × SIC slots

            Memory (default/maximum)

            8 GB

            16 GB

            Built-in storage medium

            4 GB

            64 GB

            HDD slot (2.5 inch)



            USB port



            Console port



            Operating system

            Support for KVM

            Support for Windows, CentOS, Ubuntu, and RedHat

            Support for KVM

            Support for Windows, CentOS, Ubuntu, and RedHat

            Max power consumption

            54 W

            54 W

            Power redundancy



            Power voltage

            AC: 100 VAC to 240 VAC @ 50 Hz/60 Hz

            AC: 100 VAC to 240 VAC @ 50 Hz/60 Hz


            1 RU

            1 RU

            Dimensions (H × W × D)

            43.6 × 440 × 360 mm (1.72 × 17.32 × 14.17 in)

            43.6 × 440 × 360 mm (1.72 × 17.32 × 14.17 in)

            Operating temperature

            Without a hard disk: 0°C to 45°C (32°F to 113°F)

            With hard disk: 5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F)

            Operating humidity

            Without a hard disk: 5% RH to 95% RH, non-condensing

            With a hard disk: 10% RH to 80% RH with hard disk, non-condensing

            Storage temperature

            –40°C to +70°C (–40°F to +158°F)


            FCC Part 15 (CFR 47) CLASS A

            ICES-003 CLASS A

            VCCI-3 CLASS A

            VCCI-4 CLASS A

            CISPR 22 CLASS A

            EN 55022 CLASS A

            AS/NZS CISPR22 CLASS A

            CISPR 24

            EN 55024

            EN 61000-3-2

            EN 61000-3-3

            EN 61000-6-1

            ETSI EN 300 386

            EN 301 489-1

            EN 301 489-17


            UL 60950-1

            CAN/CSA C22.2 No 60950-1

            IEC 60950-1

            EN 60950-1/A11

            AS/NZS 60950

            EN 60825-1

            EN 60825-2

            FDA 21 CFR Subchapter J

            GB 4943

            Software specifications



            Layer 2 switching

            Ethernet, Ethernet II, VLAN, 802.1p, 802.1Q, 802.1X, STP (802.1D), RSTP (802.1w), MSTP (802.1s), PPP, PPPoE Client, and PPPoE Server

            IP services

            Unicast/multicast, TCP, UDP, IP option, IP unnumbered, policy-based routing, and NetStream



            IP application

            Ping, Tracert, ICMP, DHCP server, DHCP relay, DHCP client, DNS client, DNS proxy, DDNS, NTP, and SNTP

            IPv4 routing

            Static routing

            Dynamic routing: RIPv1/v2, OSPFv2, BGP, IS-IS

            Route iteration

            Policy routing

            Multicast routing: IGMPv1/v2/v3, PIM-DM, PIM-SM, MBGP, MSDP


            IPv6 ND, IPv6 PMTU, IPv6 FIB, IPv6 ACL, NAT-PT, 6PE, and DS-LITE

            IPv6 tunneling: manual tunneling, automatic tunneling, GRE tunnel, 6to4, ISATAP

            Static routing

            Dynamic routing: RIPng, OSPFv3, IS-ISv6, BGP4+

            IPv6 multicast: MLDv1/v2, PIM-DM, PIM-SM



            Committed access rate (CAR)

            FIFO, WFQ, CBQ

            Generic Traffic Shaping (GTS)

            Traffic classification


            Built-in 3G/4G connectors

            Support for TDD/FDD LTE, TD-SCDMA, and WCDMA/HSPA+

            Support for USB 3G/4G LTE Modem


            Portal, 802.1X

            Local authentication, RBAC, RADIUS, TACACS+

            ASPF, ACL, filter, connection limit

            IKE, IPSec


            L2TP, NATPKI, RSA, SSHv1.5/2.0, URPF, and mGRE

            ARP attack prevention

            Endpoint Admission Defense (EAD)


            LDP, Static LSP

            L3VPN: MCE/multirole host

            L2VPN: Martini, Kompella, CCC PWs and static PWs

            High availability

            VRRP, VRRPv3

            Bandwidth-based load balancing and backup

            IP address-based load balancing and backup

            NQA collaboration with routing, VRRP or interface backup

            Management and maintenance

            SNMP v1/v2c/v3, MIB, SYSLOG, RMON

            BiMS remote management, booting from USB drive

            CLI, file system, and dual image

            DHCP, FTP, HTTP, ICMP, UDP public, UDP private, TCP public, TCP private, SNMP

            Console port login, Telnet (VTY) login, SSH login, and FTP login



            Integration of a highly available and high-performance open virtualization platform that supports third-party operating systems, such as Windows, CentOS, Ubuntu, and RedHat

            Complete lifecycle management of virtual machines, including VM creation, modification, startup, pause, recovery, hibernation, reboot, shutdown, and power-off

            Monitoring of critical VM resources, such as VM CPU, memory, disk I/O, and network I/O

            Support of high-performance virtualization Ethernet adapter and SR-IOV to virtualize the physical Ethernet adapter into several virtual adapters for VMs

            Support of fast app deployment, app deployment to VMs through USB disk, and unified app deployment throughout the network

            Complete troubleshooting and recovery mechanism

            Scheduled backup and manual backup

            Real-time monitoring of VM state

            VM anomaly detection and auto reboot

            Ordering Information




            H3C MSR3610-I-DP ICT converged gateway + DDR4 8GB memory


            H3C MSR3610-IE-DP ICT converged gateway + DDR4 16GB memory



            H3C 500GB 2.5inch SATA HDD


            H3C 1TB 2.5inch SATA HDD

            SIC module


            4-port 100BASE-FX/1000BASE-X(SFP) Ethernet L2/L3 SIC Module


            4-Port 10/100/1000BASE-T L2 Switch SIC Module