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            New H3C SDN Technology Changing the University Campus Network

            The customer’s adoption of the H3C ADCampus solution will realize the automatic logical isolation of different service sub-networks through a combination of SDN and VXLAN, which achieves flat management of the campus via distributed gateway.

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            New H3C SDN Assisting a Steel Group Company's Campus Network Transformation

            New H3C designed a new generation of campus networks based on SDN technology for the group. The solution realizes network logic isolation and location decoupling using VXLAN technology for offices, industrial control, IP telephone, video surveillance and other services.

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            Application Driven Campus Network Practice – A Well-Known University in Hunan

            A well-known university in Hunan has adopted the New H3C AD Campus solution in order to decouple campus users and services from network locations through a combination of SDN and VXLAN, so that the network can automatically adjust to user needs.

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