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            New H3C SDN Assisting a Steel Group Company's Campus Network Transformation


            Founded in 1958, a well-known iron and steel group is one of the four major iron and steel manufacturing bases (the other three are Anshan Iron and Steel Group Corporation, Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Corporation and Baogang Group). It is also the largest iron and steel joint venture in the west and a large scale backbone enterprise in Gansu Province. In recent years, based on the optimization and adjustment of the industrial structure of the company, the network architecture has needed to be transformed in terms of network security, reliability, scalability and manageability in order to better support the operation of the business system.

            New H3C designed a new generation of campus networks based on SDN technology for the group. The solution realizes network logic isolation and location decoupling using VXLAN technology for offices, industrial control, IP telephone, video surveillance and other services. Using the controller DR2000, an automated network and visualized operation and maintenance were realized, and the operation and management efficiency of the group were improved.