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            New H3C SDN Technology Changing the University Campus Network


            The customer’s adoption of the H3C ADCampus solution will realize the automatic logical isolation of different service sub-networks through a combination of SDN and VXLAN, which achieves flat management of the campus via distributed gateway.

            Construction scale:

            ● Network device: With H3C S12500X-AF at the core layer acting as the VXLAN gateway and S7500E-XS at the convergence layer acting as a VTEP node, over 6,000 802.11ac wave2 APs are deployed on the network for convergence of wired and wireless devices.

            ● Through SDN controller DR2000 concentration, thousands of network devices are centralized and controlled. Logically, only 3 devices need to be maintained.

            The following functions were realized after H3C ADCampus was adopted by the university’s Qingdao campus:

            1. Teachers and students receive the same network experience on different campuses. The IP address of undergraduates remained unchanged for four years. Network privileges automatically accompany everyone despite college relocation or cross-campus movement.

            2. Private network for IoT: Based on a VXLAN, the campus network becomes a new IoT network, which carries 5 business networks, i.e. fire control, monitoring, access control, broadcasting and examination.

            3. The DR2000 which realizes centralized and unified management and control of thousands of network devices. Logically, only three devices need to be maintained, reducing more than 90% of the online work.