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            Campus Cloud Boosts Tsinghua's Digital Construction

            The construction of smart campus is driving us to rebuild the research, management and talent development models of colleges and universities. As one of the top universities in China, Tsinghua University has established a campus cloud platform that is industry-leading and full-featured under the support of New H3C, providing 50,000 faculty and students with smarter experiences in work and learning.

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            Providing Famous Chinese University’s Smart Campus with AD Campus

            New H3C's AD Campus Solution builds a high-reliability, high-bandwidth, easy-to-control and easy-to-manage SDN campus network for a famous university.

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            New H3C Solutions at Shandong University

            As a leading IT infrastructure solution provider, New H3C offers the next generation SDN network solution AD Campus that can address all the demands gerenated from students and teachers.

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