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            Comprehensive total solution from New H3C Delivers Future-ready Network for Ageas Insurance

            New H3C offered Ageas Insurance a solution tailored perfectly to meet the company's needs in terms of capacity, performance,reliability and business growth.

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            CASH Financial Services Group partners with New H3C to ensure 24x7 non-stop trading services for its borderless clients

            Using New H3C's Intelligent Resilient Framework 2(IRF2) virtualization technology, CFSG can enjoy fully redundant, active-active network performance with millisecond level failover architecture.

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            New H3C: powering Sunwah Kingsway, 24x7

            Samuel K W Kwong, Director, Head of IT Department, Sunwah Kingsway said, "Today thanks to New H3C we can now comfortably assure our customers that they can rely on us 24x7."

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