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            Beijing Tiantan Hospital Carries out Digital Upgrade to Realize Full-process Smart Diagnosis and Treatment

            In the digital era, patients need not only effective diagnosis and treatment programs, but also easier way to seek medical service. In the construction of the new campus, Tiantan Hospital has adopted New H3C's ICT converged solution to support smart medical applications with a more reliable and innovative digital platform, thus making it smarter and more convenient for patients to seek medical treatment.

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            New H3C Solution for Ruian’s Largest Hospital

            New H3C's AD Campus solution allows flexible access by various types of medical mobile STAs while maintaining security at the hospital network border, enabling hospital-wide network access by mobile STAs.

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            New H3C Networks a First-Class Hospital in Shanghai

            New H3C provided high-quality, complete solutions for network architecture, wireless coverage, and network management.

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