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            Top Supplier to One of the Largest Internet Companies in China


            New H3C is this customer's closest IT infrastructure partner, providing network devices connecting it's hundreds of thousands of servers, which in turn support concurrent access by hundreds of millions of online users. For many years now New H3C has been the top networking equipment supplier to the customer's data center, and also its key server supplier. Together, New H3C and the customer have established a new model of collaborative development, and the close cooperation between the two companies' across many business scenarios has led to New H3C's recognition as the customer's most reliable partner. One of the largest comprehensive Internet service providers in China, the customer provides core social network and digital content services, meeting the communication, information, entertainment and finance needs of hundreds of millions of Internet users.

            New H3C has undertaken comprehensive cooperation with this customer in the data center, Virtual Private Clouds, WAN, and office networking fields. The customer uses over 500 New H3C S12500 data center switches and twenty thousand access switches. To meet novel requirements for rapid and flexible network deployment imposed by the customer's rapid development and business innovation, New H3C and the customer jointly devised a "one architecture for all services" data center model. This unified model type greatly reduces the cost of operations and maintenance management.

            In 2013, when the customer launched a public cloud service, creating an urgent need for SDN solutions, it engaged New H3C in renewed collaboration on innovative business areas such as Virtual Private Clouds. New-H3C-supplied SDN controllers, hardware switches, NFV and other systems, were widely deployed in key business scenarios, enriching the variety of the customer's cloud business, and improving the flexibility of its cloud business deployments. In 2016, New H3C provided basic networking components, SDN controllers, NFV controllers and EVPN-technology-based network configuration systems for the customer's projects.

            When the customer wished to use SDN to improve the utilization of outgoing Internet bandwidth, conduct intelligent scheduling of WAN traffic, and improve the utilization of link bandwidth, New H3C custom-developed a WAN SDN controller, for traffic scheduling and DDoS attack prevention on outgoing Internet connections, which has been now been successfully deployed. At the moment, the collaboration between New H3C and this customer is focused upon WAN traffic scheduling.

            In its selection of hardware suppliers, this customer concentrates on three main areas – specifications matching its business needs, reasonable cost/performance ratios, and service capabilities – and demands integrated services to its distributed data centers from its infrastructure suppliers. New H3C's unique strengths and capabilities – local R&D, local service and local supply – have made it fully capable of satisfying these exacting requirements, and have allowed New H3C to become the top supplier of the largest Internet company in China.