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            New H3C Serves Asia's Largest B2B E-Commerce Platform


            Asia's largest online trading platform, the customer has more than 400 million active buyers per year, with average daily traffic of more than 1.3 billion page views. The customer's new data center will serve as the main data center for future business, and its network system will have to provide global users with high-reliable real-time online trade services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and have ample expansion capability to potentially support tens of thousands of cloud servers with high-density concurrence and high-speed access, in order to provide business flexibility.

            New H3C participated in the design of all the customer's network models, as the data center gradually evolved through Gigabit access capacity, to 10G, 10G SDN, and 25G access capacity. New H3C undertook upscaling of all network devices, and is the customer data center's most important supplier. New H3C has also built more than 200 CDN nodes and campus networks.

            As its business developed, and the customer's public cloud entered a period of explosive growth, business, operational and maintenance pressures imposed a strong demand on their data center for SDN capabilities. New H3C devised tailored development schemes for the customer, based on SDN+VXLAN technology connected using New H3C SDN controllers and customer controllers, and designed cluster technology and SDN controller escape mechanisms, resolving SDN reliability issues. New H3C's innovative Radar Detection proposal and VM simulations solved difficulties related to VXLAN network visualization and maintenance. After undergoing a strict, careful selection and evaluation process, New H3C has won the customer's recognition as a leader in technical strength, excellence of product performance, and rapidity of response, thanks in part to its nearby location. This SDN solution represents the first large-scale commercial implementation of its kind, and has obtained the biggest share. Successful construction of the new generation data center has provided assurance to the customer's business and boosted the customer's business innovation capacity.

            New H3C's supply chain can respond rapidly to customers' large-scale demands via scientific inventory management and its optimized direct distribution process. New H3C also provides professional services such as software version evaluation, a quick response service guarantee, an Internet data center(IDC) on-site operational engineering guarantee, IDC network health inspections, and IDC on-site spare part provisioning, to ensure smooth processing of the customer's huge pipeline of online transactions.