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            Solution for the Energy Internet


            Let's think about the future of the energy Internet:

            ● We can sell our rooftop photovoltaic power to nearby drivers who need to recharge their electric cars with smartphones.

            ● Intelligent energy consumption control systems in office buildings will be dynamically adjusted according to the number of people in the building, and real-time electricity prices at a moment’s notice.

            ● Urban energy consumption and CO2 emissions can be arranged on the demand side in combination with the season, weather, and events to optimize results

            All energy generation, supply and consumption can be promptly fed back through the Internet and can be controlled based on demand —— the energy Internet is necessary for the micro-grid management of a family and the construction of smart energy towns and cities. The energy Internet is the implementation of China's "Internet +" strategy in the power and energy industry. The energy Internet is a new form of energy industry development that deeply integrates Internet and energy production, transmission, storage, and consumption along with the energy market. It has the primary characteristics of intelligent equipment, multi-energy coordination, symmetrical information, decentralized supply and demand, flat systems, and open trading.

            ● It effectively solves the large-scale and safe interconnection of renewable energy and increases the proportion of renewable energy

            ● It effectively addresses the information asymmetry of the energy industry and realizes the efficient optimization and safe scheduling of the entire energy system

            ● It promotes the opening up and upgrading of the energy market and contributes to new economic growth.

            The energy Internet needs to reconstruct the power system network based on the principles of openness, interconnection, peer-to-peer, and sharing. It emphasizes the interconnection of energy and power systems based on modern ICT, to integrate energy and information technology, the mutual assistance of energy distribution modes and the mutual benefit of energy production and consumption.

            New H3C is the leader of energy Internet solutions

            ● Intensive innovation, the overall layout solution of the energy Internet: Based on ICT technology, the energy Internet will be divided into equipment, communication, data, application and business layers to provide customers with corresponding products and solutions.

            ● Integrated delivery, construction of an energy Internet ecosystem: With customer needs and experience as the core, an energy Internet solutions platform is created based on the new IT strategy, and a complete energy Internet solutions ecosystem is built with partners.

            New H3C hopes to integrate upstream and downstream partners in the industrial chain and build an energy Internet ecosystem to provide users with a complete ecological interaction.

            New H3C announces the strategic guideline of "Application Driven with Cloud Leading to the Future" and provides new leading IT product technology based on "big data, Connect+, big security, and cloud computing".

            New H3C has served the power industry for 13 years, with its rich experience and profound understanding of the industry. It is a preferred partner for information construction of the power industry.