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            Cloud Platform of Data Control Center for A Large Power Enterprise


            Serving as the largest power transmission and distribution network at the highest voltage level in the world, the large power enterprise of China requires highly stringent measures for safety, stability, and controllability for its production system and is highly cautious of using new technologies. In order to meet the requirements for UHV large-scale power grid development and service-specific power grid production management, the dispatch control center will make an overall plan and construct the data control center cloud platform step by step. The state (provincial) and province (municipal/county) clouds subject to physical separation and unified business applications will be constructed with current information and communication technologies. They adapt to the integrated operations of the power grid, and will gradually achieve resource virtualization, data standardization, and application as services, and O&M visualization.

            After in-depth study and investigation of global cloud computing service providers, the client's dispatch control center has selected New H3C to build the control clouds at two levels. The current project is for the first-level cloud, i.e. the state (provincial) cloud in the two-site (Beijing, Shanghai) mode. Being constructed 1:1, the clouds in Beijing and Shanghai can provide external access for applications to achieve dual active services, and read/write data separately. The current project involves H3C CLOUD OS, CAS, ONEStore, a big data platform, global and server load balancing, data synchronization software, and large-screen display and monitoring products. This is an exemplary breakthrough for New H3C cloud computing in the high-end power industry and represents a milestone in power industry cloud construction.