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            Healthcare Cloud for A Province in China


            Striving to improve information technology (IT-) based construction of the grass-roots medical and health institutions in the province, a provincial Health Cloud Platform was built to provide more than 67,000 community health service centers (stations), township health centers, and village clinics in the province with management information systems for medical and health institutions covering urban and rural residents, serving public health, medical services, medical security, drug supervision and supply security, and comprehensive health management. It has plans to form a pilot network with some hospitals to improve IT-based construction of grass-roots medical and health institutions in the province and improve their service capacity.

            The project fully complies with H3Cloud OS, SDN, cloud operations and other solutions, including products from H3Cloud OS cloud platform, CAS virtualization, SDN-VCFC solution (service chain and NFV), iMC cloud operations and maintenance, and a large number of solutions, including networks, security, load balancing, and other devices.

            The project is constructed in the "1+18" model, with one provincial cloud center and 18 city cloud nodes, constituting the Grass-Roots Medical and Health Cloud. The Health Cloud serves as the first two-level cloud platform in China, reaching its ultimate goal of transforming its customers' businesses from “physically dispersed” to "logically united". New H3C works with the Provincial Health Department to jointly build a benchmark for public health information in China.