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            University Campus Cloud


            Solution Overview

            University network and information centers uniformly manage the cable and wireless networks, all-in-one cards, smart campus, mail, OA, and other core services in universities. In information technology (IT) based construction for colleges and universities, the network and information center IT boast powerful technical teams and professional facilities. Therefore, the main services also involve business hosting services for secondary departments and colleges. The hosting services fall into several stages: 1. physical server hosting — provides the environment in the computer rooms and maintains the business servers for all departments; 2. virtual machine service — service resources can be delivered by virtual machines for higher utilization of a server with proven technologies for virtualization, such as VMware and KVM. These two stages feature manual delivery, low automation, and difficult maintenance, crippling information technologies in universities. Our cloud computing technology features on-demand delivery, automation, and flexible expansion to perfectly overcome these shortcomings of conventional delivery methods. In addition to automatic resource delivery, it solves the issues in security isolation and maintenance and improves IT-based capacities for colleges and universities.

            H3Cloud OS Education Edition is a cloud computing system launched by New H3C after its in-depth investigation on the current IT status of the education industry, campus business, and resource delivery process. The Cloud OS is designed to provide a unified campus cloud computing service portal for education users, realizing intra-campus cloud operations, and helping school information centers migrate to the cloud.

            Solution Architecture

            Service layer: Provides a variety of campus cloud services to the school's secondary departments, colleges, research teams, and innovation & entrepreneurship team. The services involve virtual machines, block storage, bare metal, firewall, load balancing, antivirus, cloud desktops, cloud disks, big data, domain names, development environments, an app store, containers, and DevOps services.

            Management layer: Release services. Permission and process management can function through cloud operation and maintenance.

            Steering layer: Uniformly schedule the underlying computing, storage, network, security, and software resources through the OpenStack platform.